What People Say About Trans-Canyon Shuttle

Jennifer McAlister and Jason McAlister

"TransCanyon Shuttle is awesome with amazing customer service and genuine concern for hikers. Charlie is the best! We loved our ride where he imparted so much knowledge!!!"

Anne Wright

"Alice the dispatcher at Trans-Canyon Shuttle is an angel. She walked us through everything and provided exceptional customer service. Our driver was super sweet, too. We 100% recommend Trans-Canyon Shuttle."

Jennifer Waggoner

"Absolutely fantastic. Easy to book. On time. Comfortable vans. Friendly driver who told great stories (be sure to sit up front, if you want to be able to hear). Best of all: the customer service. I forgot my hiking shoes under the seat; they were very helpful in person and on the phone, and once they found my shoes, they mailed them back to me!"

Teddy Stanley

"My wife and I used this service for our rim to rim hike. Steve was our driver/tour guide on 7/26/2019 from the south rim to the north rim. We had a great experience with him. Steve is extremely knowledgeable about the canyon and it's history as well as the surrounding areas. He gave us great ideas for future adventures. Steve also gave us tips for our hike down into the canyon. He even recommended a few of his favorite places to eat and replenish. After driving four and a half hours from Vegas to the south rim Steve made us feel relaxed and gave us a ride we won't soon forget."

Lindsey Waggoner

"Trams-Canyon was awesome! We left our car on the South Rim, and Trans-Canyon took us to the North Rim, in order for us to hike Rim to Rim. It was a nice and easy ride, a great driver, and a smooth transition from one rim to another. I highly recommend using them if you are going to do Rim to Rim "

Julian Coiner

"This company does an amazing job! John our driver was a wealth of knowledge and fun to speak with :) Mahlo Nui Loa"

Dr. Louise M.
Licensed Psychologist

"There are many "tips" that the beginning and seasoned Grand Canyon hiker needs to glean from others, and perhaps one of the most important pieces of information when planning a trans-Canyon hike is knowing about the TransCanyon Shuttle. I've been traveling from the South to the North Rim since 1993 for an annual rim-to-rim hike, and always rely on the Shuttle. Linda and Tom Jones offer a Shuttle service that actually becomes one of the truly enjoyable aspects of a rim-to-rim hike!

Since 1993 I've brought several friends, my best hiking buddy, and my husband for rim-to-rims -- always using the TransCanyon Shuttle. Somehow, we always end up having very heavy backpacks since we camp 2 nights at Cottonwood, 2 nights at Bright Angel, and the last night at Indian Garden. It's often embarrassing how heavy our packs are, but the Shuttle drivers are always very kind and keep their sense of humor while hoisting our packs up to the top of the vans. Thanks!

Through the years, I've found the TransCanyon Shuttle drivers to be prompt, courteous, helpful, safe and informative. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of riding this Shuttle, you're definitely in for a treat. Each time I've taken the Shuttle, I've always learned something about the Canyon that I didn't know. For example, one driver told us what it feels like to be bitten by a rattle snake, another gave us the complete history of the Condor's re-introduction back to the Canyon, another was able to fill in gaps so we could understand the geology of the Painted Desert. One of the reasons I have an annual hike is the Canyon's geology -- each year I take a particular strata and study it beforehand so that I can really appreciate my "up close and personal" encounter. Therefore, I've been very impressed with many of the Shuttle's drivers' intricate knowledge of the Canyon's geology.

Beginning in January of each year, I start to plan my summer Canyon hike itinerary -- getting the necessary permits, hotel rooms, plane tickets, etc. When it comes time to contact Tom and Linda, it's always a highlight because of their prompt and helpful response. You won't get any better "customer service"!

Have fun planning your trip, and you'll know you're in good hands as soon as you board the TransCanyon Shuttle!"

Pam Johnson Rowland

"Could not ask for a better service. We did our rim 2 rim hike June 2015 and on our trip to the NR our driver gave us some great info about what to expect from the trails. Can't wait to do it again in 2017!!!"

Anna Bird

"It was the BEST! Great driver who provided excellent commentary that made the trip go faster, They are a well-run operation who are on-time, efficient and reasonable. Sincere thanks from a very happy Rim to Rim Hiker!"

Adrian Grote Young

"Did the rim to run hike this past week and our driver John, gave us some great information on our drive to the north rim. John rules! It was like getting a guided tour of the Grand Canyon, rim to rim hike and the area on our drive."

Robert Schmidt

"Thanks to Trans-Canyon. They took our party of 6 on short notice. The service was efficient and our driver was very informative!"

Jodie Meyer Oates

"3 Rim to Rim trips, each one completed with the help of Trans-Canyon! See you on the trails again soon!"

Brian J. Lane
Author and Guide, AZ

"I have utilized the Trans-Canyon Shuttle on many occasions and have always found them to be courteous, professional, and timely. For the price of a two-hour jeep tour you get an informative four-and-a-half hour shuttle tour of Northern Arizona as you travel from Rim to Rim . And making two stops along the way allows hikers to stay hydrated too. Well worth the time, effort, and money you'll save trying to shuttle your own vehicles prior to, and after your Grand Canyon explorations. I highly recommend them."

George Foreman
Attorneys at Law, CA

"My wife and I, as well as my Rim-to-Rim running companions, have used Trans-Canyon Shuttle to get from the South Rim to the North Rim every year -- and sometimes twice in the same year -- since 2005. We've never had a bad trip, and the drivers have uniformly been capable and entertaining. We'll continue to use Trans-Canyon as long as we can stagger across."

Dennis Higgins

"Over several years, I have made four trips from the South Rim to the North Rim for rim to rim hikes. I used Trans Canyon Shuttle as transportation. The first time, I was thinking is it worth the 4.5 hours to ride over two hundred miles. I could not believe how fast the trip went with making the two stops and the interesting commentary from the driver. I remember the same experience for the next three trips. We always left on time and arrived on time and it seems on two occasions we were a little early. I hope to do another rim to rim hike in the near future and will definitely use Trans Canyon Shuttle. I have been wanting to thank you for the experiences and the great service."

David E Uhles

"Anyone visiting the Grand Canyon should consider visiting both the north and south rims. The most beautiful sunset that I have ever witnessed was seen off the point at the North Rim. The Geology of the canyon is most evident on the descent from the North Rim toward Phantom Ranch along the North Kaibab Trail. And the beauty of Ribbon Falls can be enjoyed while eating lunch on the rocks facing the falls. I have been lucky to make the trip from the South Rim to the North Rim three times on board the Trans Canyon Shuttle. Each time the drivers have been helpful and courteous. Their knowledge of the history and canyon features which they shared with passengers was worth the trips alone. They were willing to answer questions and share good times. We reached the North Rim safely and on time every time. When I plan my next trip to the North Rim it will be with the Trans Canyon Shuttle that I rate Five Stars."


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